Water Damage Photo Gallery


Bathroom Restoration

This picture shows a bathroom restoration SERVPRO of Denton recently completed after we responded to a severe water damage situation. Once we clear the excess water and moisture we are ready to begin the next steps of the restoration process. 

wood floors with holes

Water Damaged Floors Cave In

When flooding found it's way into this Denton home, our SERVPRO of Denton team were on the way to restore! These hard wood floors were incredibly damaged as you can see here. The longer water damage sits, the worse the damage will be. 

injectidry equipment drying a hardwood floor

Hard Wood Floors Need Drying

SERVPRO of Denton Restores Floors in Homes and Commercial Properties

Floors, and especially hard wood floors need specific equipment while restoring after water damage. Equipment like this injectidry system is used to extract water and moisture. 

damaged floor water damage

Ruined Floors from Water Damage

Water Damaged Floors Can be Severe

This is a photo of a pre-mitigation site that our professionals took. The damage caused by water damage can be extremely severe. Our professionals at SERVPRO of Denton know how to clean your property in order to restore it! 

renovated hardwood floor

Renovated & Restored Home in Denton

SERVPRO of Denton Restores Home and Floors in Denton, TX

These wonderful hardwood floors were completely redone after a devastating water damage emergency. The floor had to be completely removed and redone, which our team was happy to do! 

A wall of air movers is ready and waiting for use.

Air Movers Ready for Action

SERVPRO of Denton is ready to go with whatever water damage your property faces. With our air movers and other equipment, no matter what your degree of damage we have you covered. Along with our equipment, we utilize our professional's extensive training to solve your water damage restoration needs. 

several inches of water standing on carpet

Standing Water

Flood Restoration Services in Denton, TX

SERVPRO of Denton responded to this commercial property to begin the water extraction process. The quicker we respond to water loss, the more likely secondary damage can be prevented. 

Mat System

Mats to Save Hardwood Floors

When water damage occurs, SERVPRO of Denton can be onsite fast enough to install this mat drying system in order to save hardwood floors. As long as we are notified of a loss as soon as it happens, these mats have an extremely high success rate.

Water damage venting

Tent to Vent

There are few ways to save a wood floor if it is damaged by water. Most of the time, if the floor has been wet for longer than a few hours then it is beyond repair. That is why it is important to act FAST! Don't wait, give us a call if you experience any type of water loss.

Saving Wood Floors In A Kitchen

When this kitchen was flooded by a water loss, some of the water got underneath the wood flooring. We were able to dry out the moisture under the flooring through the use of the drying mats you see set up in this image.

Commercial Water Damage, Denton TX

SERVPRO of Denton was called out to a commercial rehabilitation center due to carpet being soaked with water from a leak that wasn't taken care of which caused water damage in this office. Our crew arrived and took action to get objects moved around so equipment could get placed properly. 

Denton Theater Water Damage

SERVPRO of Denton responded to a call about a local Denton movie theater that had water coming into three of the theaters from the heavy rain fall. Our crew was dispatched within minutes and was able to be there to extract the water and place equipment to be able to get the drying process started.

Water Damage Clean Up in Denton, Texas

Our SERVPRO of Denton team responded to a call about a fire that started at a neighboring business. The above picture shows that the water used to put out the fire ca still be just as damaging. Luckily, we were on the scene within minutes and were able to start water and fire clean up immediately. 

Commercial Water Damage in Denton

SERVPRO of Denton responded quickly to a call to the Denton Senior Care Medical Facility. Where SERVPRO placed five air movers to dry the walls, baseboards, and ceiling, as well as the carpet. One Dehu was placed in the hallway that is sucking up the moisture in the air.

Our Crews Work 24/7

When you have water damage and need flood or water clean up, SERVPRO of Denton will respond anytime of day or night. Our crews are professional and ready to go 24/7.

SERVPRO of Denton Responds 24 Hours a Day!

When this home had a sink overflow, the family called SERVPRO of Denton and we arrived late at night to start the work! Our professional technicians know you need your home back the way it was, quickly and we work 24/7 365 days a year to make that happen!

Flooded Toilet Near Denton, TX

This home had a toilet flood and the water affected the nearby bedroom. Sewer water must be properly extracted and  treated to prevent severe damages and microbial growth. Our certified technicians respond 24 hours a day! 

Demolition on this Denton home has started.

This Denton, TX home had a hot water heater bust and this caused the home to flood. Due to the damage, the floors had to be removed along with baseboards. All work was done by SERVPRO of Denton. 

Water Damage Can be More Significant than you Think!

This apartment had a pipe burst in their ceiling and it caused not only flooding but major damage to the sheet rock, as well. SERVPRO of Denton arrived the same day the call was placed to our office.

Basement Flood in Denton County, TX

The basement of an apartment community flooded, affecting all floors. This rug had absorbed a large amount of water and our SERVPRO of Denton team, not only extracted the water but as able to stop further damage and restore the rug back to life.

Denton, TX Techs are in Progress!

Air movers are being used, at a Denton job caused by significant water damage. 

Residential Home that Called Us in Time!

SERVPRO of Denton responds to all "water damage" calls, anytime. Day or night! Our certified techs get started right away to make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage in a Denton County Church

Water can cause significant damage, quickly. SERVPRO of Denton responds 24 hours a day!

Commercial Water Damage at an Assisted Living Facility in Denton, Texas

When our IICRC certified SERVPRO of Denton crew set up drying equipment at this Denton Assisted Living Facility for a large water damage, our crew made sure to take all safety precautions to help protect our elderly and prevent any tripping hazards.