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Mold Can't Always be Seen but it Can Always Cause Issues!

Mold Can't Always be Seen but it Can Always Cause Issues! This church in Denton, TX suspected there was mold growing in the walls of their church. Due to t... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Denton is Highly Trained in Mold Remediation!

Mold doesn't just affect one area but can continue to grow and spread until properly treated and removed. Don't trust mold remediation to just anyone. Call the ... READ MORE

Local University Prepares for a Big Game!

University of North Texas calls SERVPRO of Denton when they need to get their suites ready, for a game! The before picture shows large grease and debris st... READ MORE

Structure Clean after Fire Restoration

When a fire occurs whether it is a large fire or a small fire, most of the home will sustain a considerable amount of soot damage. While soot can sometimes be h... READ MORE

Contents Packout Due to Fire Damage

When a fire damage disaster occurs at a home or business the contents inside the home or business are usually left covered with soot or wet from the w... READ MORE

Mold Under The Stairase of a Denton, Texas Home

When water damages are left untreated the chances of mold growth rise especially in dark places. Our SERVPRO of Denton team was called out by a homeowner who ha... READ MORE

Unseen Mold at a Denton Home

Mold can be found all around us outdoors. It is normally not a problem unless it starts growing indoors. Mold can have a big impact on indoor air quality. ... READ MORE

Undetected Mold Growth in AC Closet

Mold can and will grow any place where moisture is present and humidity is high making an AC closet a perfect environment for mold to grow and because the AC cl... READ MORE

Mold Remediation at a Church in Denton, Texas

SERVPRO of Denton was called out by a local church who noticed mold growth. Our mold certified project manager found two 6 square feet areas containing mold gro... READ MORE

Commercial Vent Cleaning

SERVPRO of Denton received a call from the property manager of an upscale hotel who had noticed how filthy the air vents in the lobby were. Our S... READ MORE