Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Movie Theater in Denton, Tx

SERVPRO of Denton was called out to a movie theater that had standing water in three of the theaters. SERVPRO of Denton dispatched crews within minutes, SERVPRO... READ MORE

When Your Items are a Total Loss

There are times, as pictured here, that your items cannot be saved and are a total loss. At that point, SERVPRO of Denton can remove and dispose of those items,... READ MORE

Out of Control Fire Place Fire

Like many homes, this homeowner started a fire in the fire place to enjoy a nice evening during the holidays. The fire eventually became out of control and the ... READ MORE

Stop Mold in its Tracks!

Often times, homeowners and renters suspect mold and believe it can be cleaned by using bleach. This isn't always the case. Like this Denton home that suspected... READ MORE

Flooding in Haltom City, Texas.

This cleaner is Haltom City, Texas had left a sink on that overflowed onto their linoleum but then to their carpet. If the water sat too long, the adhesive for ... READ MORE

Documents Recovered from Water Damage

This Argyle, Texas home had a hot water located in their garage. The garage, also happened to be where important papers and documents were stored. The homeowner... READ MORE

Houston Nursery

This nursery at this Houston building, along with many other locations throughout the building, had to have all porous materials removed. The sitting water from... READ MORE

Gymnasium Floods

This gymnasium in Denton, Texas flooded from a toilet that ran overnight. The owner of the gym walked in, to water flooded throughout. Luckily, they knew of SER... READ MORE

Tear Out Completed in Houston

Due to the 4 feet of water through this building, SERVPRO of Denton was able to tear out the porous materials. Quickly getting to this, once the water receded, ... READ MORE

Mold Can't Always be Seen but it Can Always Cause Issues!

Mold Can't Always be Seen but it Can Always Cause Issues! This church in Denton, TX suspected there was mold growing in the walls of their church. Due to t... READ MORE